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Pettyjohn Ranch - SOLD
  • The 16,000 acre Pettyjohn Ranch is located on the west side of Tehama County twenty miles from Red Bluff, CA on Interstate 5.  It is surrounded by privately owned land and can be reached all year by paved and gravel county roads.
  • This ranch has been privately held by one family for over fifty years and is a distinctive ranching and hunting property because of its many unique features.
  • Landscape varies from flat open meadows to blue oak studded hills to steep wooded terrains with deep valleys where the trophy Blacktail deer hang out.  Elevation varies from 600 feet to over 2,000 feet. The Yolla Bolly Mountains are the backdrop for the ranch.
  • Water is everywhere on the Pettyjohn.  Dozens of springs on the ranch keep many of the reservoirs with water on a year-round basis while others stay wet at the head of the countless seasonal creeks that flow at first rainfall that are tributaries to the major creeks.
  • The South Fork of Cottonwood Creek flows through the ranch for five miles the year around.  Cottonwood Creek is an environmentally treasured, major tributary to the Sacramento River.  Cold Fork Creek runs year-round about four miles on the ranch and joins up with Cottonwood Creek further down stream.
  • As many folks recognize and concede, available water is the lifeblood of any successful ranch.  Whether for livestock or game, water must be available all year long as it is on the Pettyjohn Ranch.  Stock water should never be a problem.
  • On a normal seasonal basis, as most California cattle ranches are operated, this ranch will graze 700 pair (a cow and a calf) for the season.  In addition the ranch supports numerous kinds of game. 
  • There is black bears and mountain lion, many wild hogs and an abundance of big trophy Blacktail deer. Although quail and dove are seldom hunted they can be found in profusion. Bass fishing is great all the time in some of the large reservoirs.
  • Improvements on the ranch include hunter’s quarters that are detailed in photos, and two sets of working corrals for cattle.
  • Rarely does a California ranch feature so many varied qualities necessary to serve the needs of ranchers and sportsman alike.  The Pettyjohn Ranch serves all of these.
  • The Pettyjohn Ranch is in the Williamson Ag Preserve and taxes are approximately $16,000 per year.
  • Asking price is $10 million cash. - SOLD

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All photos were taken in either the spring or the fall season (after drought years) hence the difference in color of the countryside. Hunting and fishing photos courtesy of

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